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<< s o l d >> shaft, movie one sheet, vintage, original poster 71/225

<< s o l d >> shaft, movie one sheet, vintage, original poster 71/225

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this is an original movie poster one sheet that was displayed in a local movie theater in the 1970s. they are graded on the conservative side. i am posting a group of posters, and feel free to send questions. 


Often referred to as "Very Good" condition or "Condition B." The typical used poster in average condition. A sound example, although with wear and defects to be expected of an item that was intended to be used and re-used. Unusual problems should be described. The poster can have slight browning of paper but not brittleness or flaking; it may also have a small amount of writing in some unobtrusive portion of the poster. Minor border repair, edge tears, stains, or other signs of average use could be present. Eye appeal of the image area should be good. Minor soiling could be present. Larger posters could have minor fold tears (length of which should be described); also normal folds, creases, minor fold tears, possible repaired tear (from the back). Professional major restoration is acceptable in this grade. The poster should be complete and if not, major problems should be described (such as paper replacement). In every case, paper replacement and major color touchup and restoration should be described in detail. Tape anywhere on the poster should be mentioned and described. Small pen markings on the front can be present if noted, but not if large, heavy, or if affecting the eye appeal of the image. Sun-fading on the poster should be described, and if significant, should prevent the example from being in this grade. Heavy insect or rodent damage is not allowable in this grade. Amateur color touchup with colored markers is allowable in this grade. Common flaws that relegate an item to this grade include heavy fold wear, unusually large number of pinholes or staple holes, taped corners or fold lines reinforced with tape, minor tears, possibly minor paper loss (pieces missing) from the edges, edge fraying and so on. Because posters were so often used and reused, the C6 grade is common.


The scale used is: Universal 10 point movie poster grading scale. 
Shipped flat (as acquired) or by poster tube (likely still originally folded) 
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